Kağıt endüstrisi

Today’s Paper industry operates under specific conditions with exposure to hot temperatures, humidity, varied operating cycles, dust and corrosive atmospheres, etc.
The manufacturing process is divided into 4 main steps: raw material (wood) preparation, pulp mills, paper mills and papermaking machines.

Process equipment and technologies

Pulp mills for bleaching

A variety of chemicals are required by pulp mills for bleaching, the main bleaching agent being chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

Hydrogen and chlorine recovered from NaClO3 and ClO2 processes are combined in a Sintaclor synthesis unit to produce HCl which is reinjected in the NAClO3 process.

Waste water treatment

At present, paper production (cooking, washing, bleaching, drying, etc.) generates a large quantity of waste water that needs to be treated. Mersen provides Tantalum or Graphite or SiC heat exchangers for PAC production. 

Power transfer

Mersen proposes electrical solutions all along the pulp & paper process in paper, cardboard and tissues factories.

  • Carbon brushes that are widely used by major OEMs in the motors and generators of pulping machines, winders, rollers, driers, etc.
  • Brush-holders that are designed to ensure excellent brush performance in difficult conditions
  • Signal and Power Transfer Systems SPTS for transfers between static and rotating parts
  • Slip ring assemblies for all types of machines

Service and maintenance

We provide maintenance and training services for customers.

  • Our maintenance tools are designed and developed for optimal maintenance
  • Our service experts provide on-site diagnostics and in-situ maintenance services for all rotary machines
  • Our Stagelec and Extelec training programs help maintenance personnel develop their working knowledge of the machines they operate and their performance 

Graphite specialties solutions

Mersen offers mechanical and sealing solutions for the pumps operating in the different stages of the process.

Electrical Power Solutions        

Today’s Pulp and Paper industries are more and more concerned with the safety of workers and equipment, achieving optimal power efficiency and avoiding downtime where possible.

The protection of critical loads and asset management are also key concerns. Mersen has it all — from overcurrent protection to surge protection, cooling and interconnection solutions — meeting the needs of Pulp & Paper industry market players in power distribution or power conversion alike.

Günümüzde kağıt imalat sürecinde yüksek sıcaklıklara, neme, ani yük değişimlerine, toza ve aşındırıcı ortamlara dayanıklı malzemelere ihtiyaç duyulmaktadır.

Üretim süreci 4 ana aşamaya ayrılmıştır: Bunlar hammaddenin yani odunun hazırlanması, kağıt hamurunun hazırlanması, kağıdın imalatı ve kağıdın şekillendirilmesi olarak ifade edilebilir.

Mersen bu 4 aşamada da kullanılmak üzere ekipman üreticilerine ve bakım ve onarım uzmanlarına yüksek kaliteli mühendislik çözümleri sunmaktadır. Bu ürünler arasında çeşitli proses ekipmanları, güç aktarma ekipmanları, servis ve bakım hizmetleri, mekanik ve sızdırmazlık çözümleri ile beraber elektriksel koruma ekipmanları bulunmaktadır.