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From Process Know-how to skid-mounted turn-key delivery

Mersen is a global leader in combining engineering and supply of equipment for corrosive fluids.

Since 1950, Mersen has strengthened its know-how and expertise in the use of HCl and H2SO4 and is capable to predict how those acids react, depending on pressure and temperature.

The first skid-mounted project was successfully delivered in 1986. Since then, in excess of 70 projects have been completed "on time, on budget and producing to specification"

Sintaclor Burner

Sintaclor Burner mersen

Sintaclor Burner

Production of ultra pure HCL by synthesis of CL2 and H2 for chlor alkali

References : > 600 units installed worldwide since 1960, 9 million t HCl (100%) / year (accumulated contract awards of Cl2 burners), mainly used with Cl2 and H2 coming from Chlorine Engineers Corp., THYSSENKRUPP UHDE, UHDENORA, ASAHI KASEI, INEOS, …

Production of ultra pure HBR by synthesis of BR2 and H2 for bromine industry

ECO & FLEX 3rd Generation

Boost heat recovery to recover 800KWH per ton of burned chlorine
Lower water consumption: reduce the cooling water consumption by 65%
Select your end-products: 1-Hydrochloric acid (HCl liquid), 2-Hydrogen Chloride (HCl gas), 3- Both at the same
Full range production capacity: perfect integration in your plant with a 5% turn-down ratio


absorption mersen


Mersen is the industry reference for HCl absorption in TDI/MDI & PVC/VCM industries. 

Gases such as HCl gas are dissolved in water in many chemical processes, particularly to store it, purify it or simply to use it in chemical reactions.
This operation is called absorption which is an exothermic process.

Distillation, desorption, stripping

Distillation, desorption, stripping mersen

Distillation, desorption, stripping

Distillation, desorption, stripping: from a corrosive gas to acid solution by absorption with water

The typical uses of pure HCl gas are high purity silicon for solar cell or electronics applications. HCl gas used in organic chemistry and various metallurgical processes.

Acid dilution system

acid dilution system Mersen

Acid dilution system

Corrosion resistant equipment for sulphuric acid dilution and concentration

The concentrated acid (HCl, H2SO4, HF) and dilution water are mixed under pressure in a static mixer. The dilution of acid in water generates considerable heat.

The hot corrosive mixture then flows through a corrosion-resistant heat exchanger of GRAPHILOR® impregnated graphite.

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