Carbon insulation


Mersen's expertise is demonstrated in the energy efficiency and thermal control of numerous high temperature industrial processes.

Its range of thermal insulation materials includes a variety of rigid and flexible insulation materials that can be coated or impregnated.

  • Rigid insulation material, CALCARB®
  • Rigid thermal protection, ISOLOR®
  • Flexible insulation material, flexible carbon fibre felt

Heat treatment

heat treatment Mersen

Heat treatment

The unique combination of Mersen expertise in cc composite, graphite and high temperature insulation for high temperature furnace construction. In collaboration with specialized ISO 9001 and 14001 certified workshops, our engineering teams can design solutions in accordance with your unique technical requirements.

Rigid carbon insulation

igid insulation Mersen

Rigid carbon insulation

CALCARB® provides the best thermal insulation properties at a high temperature, making it the material of choice among our customers concerned about the energy efficiency of their process. Density and grade differences are used to modulate the material's thermal characteristics

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