Mersen DustCollector

Mersen DustCollector - a clean generator supplying clean energy

Patented by Mersen, carbon dust collection systems are designed to prevent short circuits caused by low insulation between active coils and ground.

Mersen carbon dust collection solution is easy to use

  • Removes all carbon dust in the machine
    • No generator modification required
  • Optimizes operating conditions
    • Simple installation (on existing brush-holder assembly)
  • Reduces cleaning maintenance
    • Standard product can be customized
  • Less insulation measurements
    • Complete package includes the dust collection system, assembly of the system and generator maintenance.
  • Increased generator running time
  • A complete solution for original equipment or


  • Has improved the efficiency of several hydro generators all over the world.
  • Available for vertical and horizontal alternators.
  • The system's compact size and modularity make it ideal for machines with limited space.
  • Position and quantity of air outlets can be outfitted to accommodate customer requirements.
  • Carbon dust is suctioned at its source to refrain dust dispersion all over the machine.


Mersen DustCollector


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Mersen DustCollector

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