Power transfer for rail vehicles


Mersen brings our expertise to you with products designed to meet your standards.

Our global experts in traction applications provide experienced and attentive customer service.

Mersen PTRV solutions include:

  • third rail current collectors,
  • on-board switches,
  • fuse boxes,
  • enclosed lightning arresters,
  • earth return current units.

We serve rail train set designers, engineering services, and transit authorities.

Current collector device (CCD)

EPC PTRV mersen

Current collector device (CCD)

Current collector devices are used by metro to collect the energy from the third rail to energize the Electrical Multiple Unit installed in the trailers. For 40 years, Mersen has offered the largest range of Current Collector Devices in the market with almost 200 applications running every day all over the world.

Fuse box

epc fuse box mersen

Fuse box

For more than 50 years, Mersen has been providing the market with safe, reliable and long-life fuse boxes. Our fuse box product line, one of the largest product ranges on the market today, is rigorously engineered to meet your technical specifications and can be customized to your needs.

Earth return current units (ERCU)

ercu mersen

Earth return current units (ERCU)

Earth Return Current Units (ERCUs), axial or radial, are installed on axles to provide an effective shunt around the bearings. For over 50 years, Mersen ECRUs have protected bearings by virtue of their low contact resistance and permanence of contact.

Switch on board

epc disconnector mersen

Switch on board

Mersen has a switch on board solution that will meet your unique needs. Our standard on board disconnect switches are rigorously engineered to meet your unique technical specifications. 

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